Return On Investment

All of our products result in productivity for you. Allow your Bobcat, John Deere, Caterpillar*, or any other brand of skid steer, mini / compact excavator, or backhoe to perform for you. We also have hydraulic earth augers and trenchers for your Toro Dingo or Dingo-compatible mini loader*. Here are just a few ways the Lowe attachments we carry can be used to make you money:
Compact Mini Loaders - To fill the void between the full-sized skid steer loader and manual labor, the landscape  industry has come out with compact mini loaders such as the Toro Dingo series. These are versatile machines that can get into small places and leave a small footprint.
If you have one of these machines, you know how valuable they can be to landscaping projects. Now you can the industrial standard auger or trencher attachment at almost half what the OEM charges.
These are made with the exact same strength and reliability as the attachments for the large machines. Don't settle for the OEM equipment your dealer wants you to buy. Get the aftermarket performance of Lowe.
Check out our mini loader attachments here.
Fencing - When you have 100+ fence posts to put in the ground, you don't want to use a handheld dirt shovel. You can probably dig your holes faster than your helper can place the posts in them with our earth augers. Skid steers, mini excavators, and mini loaders like the Toro Dingo* are perfect machines to get into those sometimes inaccessible places where you need a fence.
Tree and Shrub Planting - You don't want to spend all day digging a couple holes to plant your trees. Although a backhoe can dig your holes, you are left with a messy hole to fill in afterwards. We have tree and shrub augers available in sizes ranging from 18" to 36" diameters. They have smaller flighting on the bottom to give you a nicely tapered hole to accommodate root balls. If you prefer to dig flat-bottomed holes, our DFB earth augers range from 6" to 36" diameters and will dig a nice, clean hole for you to work with.
Landscape Drainage - If you don't want the massive amount of water that drains off your house to erode your lawn, take your drainage underground. With our wide selection of trenching attachments, your skid steer can easily dig a trench from your downspout to an appropriate drainage outlet point. Run some drainage pipe from your downspout, fill in the trench, and your drainage problems are solved. We have trenchers to fit almost all skid steer models and even the mini loaders.
Silt Fence / Erosion Control  - You need to dig a trench for your silt fence. If you have a full-sized skid steer loader or even a mini loader such as the Toro Dingo*, then we have a trencher that will do the job for you. A 24" dig depth and 6" width seem to be the most popular for these applications.
Deck Construction - How long should it take you to dig the ten holes you need for your deck project? Don't pay hundreds to have someone come in and do it for you and don't wait for 2 hours while your crew tries to dig into the tough ground with their archaic dirt tools. Get a Lowe posthole digger for your machine.
Sign Installation - Our earth auger attachments can dig two holes in a couple minutes. It only takes a couple minutes to connect the auger attachment to your Bobcat, John Deere, CAT (Caterpillar), or Toro Dingo*. Use the time you save to get your crew back, instead of paying them overtime to dig a posthole into the ground.
Utility Line Trenching - If you need to run a telephone line to your shed or some other utility line application, our trenchers can do it on your existing loader. Utilize your current auxiliary hydraulic system on your loader to do the work for you.
Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems - Whether this is the main service you provide or you just want to put in a sprinkler system in a couple of your friends' houses, the Lowe trenching attachments we carry can easily pay for itself. One golf course or a large project for a company can probably pay for your trencher in a couple days.
Pole Shed Construction - Whether you need a 9" or a 24" diameter hole for your footer, we have augers that can dig it for you. If you need to punch through a fracturable material such as shale or coral, check out our RCX auger bits. We have a wide selection of dirt bits to match your posthole digging conditions and requirements.
General Trenching - The Lowe trenchers we offer come in many different boom, chain, tooth, and motor configurations to match your loader and digging requirements. We have standard and double-standard dirt teeth, half rock and frost teeth, full rock and frost teeth, and terminator teeth configurations. Boom sizes range from 24" to 60" digging depths and from 5" to 12" digging widths. We have different model trenchers that are compatible with the variations of Bobcat, John Deere, Caterpillar, Toro Dingo * and other loaders.
General Hole/Posthole Digging - Whether you prefer planetary units or chain reduction units, whether you have an 8 gpm or a 35 gpm auxiliary hydraulic system, and whether you need a 6" hole or a 36" hole, we have the auger attachment for you. We have mounting brackets for skid steer loaders, mini excavators, backhoes, and mini loaders to attach the appropriate drive unit to your machine. We have mountings for all of the following machinery: Bobcat, John Deere, Caterpillar (CAT), Toro Dingo, Case, Daewoo, Gehl, Hydra Mac, Hyundai, JCB, Komatsu, Mustang, New Holland, Posi-Track, Takeuchi, Thomas, Toyota, Trak, and Volvo*.